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Angels - Flying Cherubs

Dimensions : 24 x 47 inches
1art1® Wall Stickers – Trademark quality Made in Europe

In order to make you feel really comfortable with 1art1® products, the emphasis in the manufacturing cycle is not only on a thorough motive selection process but also on the quality and sustainability of the materials used.

1art1® Wall Stickers are printed on pure chlorine-free bleached paper, which doesn’t contain any plastics. It is backed with pollutant-free water-based adhesive compliant to high European Community standards. This self-adhesive paper is a European quality product which is manufactured according to strict standards exclusively for 1art1®

Production takes place uniquely at the 1art1® premises in Hanau, which makes that these stickers are one hundred percent Made in Europe.

Information for Usage

1art1® Wall Stickers are easy to affix. They stick on even, dry and clean surfaces and can be easily peeled off according to your needs.

In order to assure product quality please avoid longer storage periods prior to usage. To be used on clean, dust- and fat-free surfaces. Surfaces like blank concrete, unpainted cement, surfacer or plaster are not adequate for these stickers. Walls painted with acrylic, latex colours or elephant skin need to be treated with prime coat first.

Detail From The Birth Of Venus, 1863 By Alexandre Cabanel
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