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Wassily Kandinsky - Cheerful Structure, 1926

Mini Posters
Wassily Kandinsky - Cheerful Structure, 1926

Dimensions : 16 x 20 inches
1art1® Collection Poster – every picture a collectible

1art1® Collection Posters are offered in small limited editions for promotional purposes. They are unique by their fashioning and print on high quality poster paper so each piece of art is shown to its fullest advantage. By now, they have become much requested collectibles and obtained significant increases in value – especially those printed in very small editions.

This product is only available from 1art1®

Each numbered 1art1® Collection Poster comes with a certificate of authenticity. Be inspired and start your own private art collection with our limited reproductions.

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Wassily Kandinsky,wassily wassili vassilli vassilievitch vasil’yevich kandinski kadinsky kadinski,Geometrical Shapes,geometrical shapes forms square circle triangle rectangle,Abstract Art,1art1 ® Collection Poster
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